Why House/Pet-sitting?

House and pet-sitting appeals to us both as being the next step in our life-journey.

Our experience in moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand and our subsequent involvement with ‘Adopt-Meow’ has nurtured our need for interaction with animals whilst traveling, as well as meeting our desire for adventure through travel.

We love the feeling of responsibility that comes from caring for animals, and as prior pet-owners in Australia we understand the need to have them well cared for in our absence.

We also take great pride in helping others, and we understand that by us looking after your home and pet, we are offering you an opportunity to get away and relax.

Aside from this, we really enjoy travel and the mystery that comes with exploring a new part of the world. Meeting new people, tasting different cuisine, coming to understand a different culture – it is a big world out there and house/pet-sitting offers us a chance to experience more of the world AND utilise our skills and experience to assist people at the same time.

Writing and photography are also interests of ours, and the diverse range of travel experiences offered to us through house/pet-sitting will be well-worth capturing in print and imagery so our stories can be shared.

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