‘Adopt Me..ow!’

Since August 2017 we have been fostering cats and kittens through ‘Adopt..Meow!‘, a kitten and cat rescue and adoption service based in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

Adopt..Meow! specialises in cat rescue and subsequent adoption. After all health needs have been met after an initial rescue, typically there is a need for a period of socialisation prior to adoption, and that’s where we come in.

The image below shows us with our 30th foster kitty ‘Burma’. Burma came to us at approximately 5 months of age after being found abandoned. When she came to us she was extremely nervous and ‘shivering’ at any contact with humans, and would hide anywhere she could find.

Over the following month she grew to trust being with us and started to interact with us, and slowly learned how to play and accept cuddles. Eventually she would happily jump up onto our laps and fall asleep. This was a wonderful outcome, and she has since been adopted to a very loving family and is now thriving in her new environment.

Burma with foster parents Leanne and Kirk with Border and drop shadow

In total we have had approximately 40 cats and kittens in our care, from neo-natal kittens to cats in the later stages of life.

All of these cats and kittens have been rescued in some way, whether they were abandoned by their mother or previous owner, found wandering roads and highways looking hungry, or they may have sustained injuries after being hit by passing traffic.

Aside from attending to any immediate health needs, i.e. visits to the veterinary clinic, vaccinations, administering of flea and worming treatments and other medications, wound dressing etc, our responsibility as feline foster carers is to socialise them so they are ready for adoption into their ‘forever home’.

Our experience with ‘Adopt..Meow!‘ has taught us how to decide which treatments can be managed in the home or whether a visit to the local vet is required.

Just one of many Success Stories – Cleo and Sheba:

At approximately 6 months they were rescued from a large Hotel complex where they were at risk of being put down. Initially very frightened of humans, they grew to love human interaction.

Renamed ‘Helen’ and ‘Kathy’ by their new family, they are now enjoying a magical life.

Cleo and Sheba BEFORE with border and drop shadow
Cleo and Sheba AFTER with border and drop shadow

Adopt..Meow! are always happy to receive donations to assist with the care required for many rescued felines. 100% of all donations goes toward the cost of feeding and providing litter, veterinary costs i.e. emergency surgery, sterilisation, vaccination and other medications.

If you have a few dollars, euros or pounds to spare and are looking for a worthwhile place to donate to, please consider clicking the below image and visiting the Adopt..Meow! website to make your donation. Every little bit counts.

Adopt Meow logo with drop shadow

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