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We are an Australian couple, turned the half century on 2020 and have been together since 1997. That’s 24 years (almost a life sentence!) 😉

Since getting married in Bali in 2000, our travel bug has grown substantially and we have been fortunate to have visited New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Fiji, UK, Slovenia, France, Italy, Albania, Greece and the Greek islands, as well as all states within Australia.

In September 2016 we succumbed to our love of Thailand and decided to sell our home and belongings and we moved to Chiang Mai.

Prior to the overseas move Kirk worked for many years in Customer Service roles within the Transport/Logistics area, and Leanne was Regional Manager for a leading Australian employment provider.

Since September 2016 we have been operating eCommerce & digital marketing businesses. Because of our online work commitments, the only thing we really need from a house-sit is a reliable and fast internet connection.

Kirk is a musician (instrumental ambient piano), and also enjoys writing, attempting magic (not very well!), and completing online jigsaw puzzles. Leanne loves the outdoors and exploring places ‘off the beaten track’, and she also enjoys running. Together we enjoy our involvement, now remotely, with Adopt Me-ow (Kitten Rescue and Adoption Chiang Mai), we love hiking and exploring the outdoors, taking long motorbike rides and drives, and dining out.

We have owned several homes over our years together, and we have a sound understanding of home maintenance and care, both property and lawn/garden areas.

Quiet and responsible, we are happiest just pottering about, maintaining our businesses and otherwise indulging in new experiences.

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